Quality Control

Quality control is central to the continuation of any point of care service. Point of care testing is a new and expanding opportunity for health service providers and, as such, quality control programmes are in development. These can range from simple comparative analyses with the gold standard laboratory values to complex internal quality control and external quality assurance programmes. At Kudu Spectrum, we take this aspect of care very seriously. Not only do we offer expertise and assistance with post-marketing surveillance (we performed this on over 100 000 covid tests in London, UK) but we also offer a full range of quality control systems from third party suppliers. 

We can provide the customer with control programmes for all our devices and recommendations on frequency of application. We can also help setup quality control ranges by using historical coefficients of variation to simplify the process. Much of this work has already been carried out in house to test out the programmes and ensure their validity in the clinical setting.

For more information about quality control systems and their applications, contact us. Our workforce will provide you with the necessary tools to have confidence in your tests and transplant this to your clients.