Our Partners

At Kudu Spectrum Ltd, we pride ourselves on our strong partnerships with a diverse range of esteemed organisations across various sectors. These collaborations highlight our commitment to excellence and innovation in delivering high-quality healthcare products and services globally. Here are some of the valued partners we have worked with:

United Kingdom

  • DocTap Ltd: One of the largest private healthcare providers in London, where we have supplied essential healthcare products.
  • Chanelle McCoy Health: A renowned pharmaceutical company owned by Lady Chanelle McCoy, benefiting from our pharmaceutical expertise.
  • RN Bioservices: A Covid protection and disinfection company, ensuring safety and hygiene during the pandemic.


  • Royal College of Physicians of Ireland: Collaborated with Professor Mary Horgan, the President, to provide all testing materials for their national antigen test validation scheme.
  • Poplar Linens Ltd: Key supplier to the Irish National Health Service, where we provided crucial antigen testing services.

Global Reach

  • Australia, New Zealand, Dominican Republic, Turks and Caicos Islands, Ghana: Successfully registered our POCT devices, leading to preferred supplier status and significant contracts, including with Sandals International in Turks and Caicos.

Additional Clients

  • Airports: Wellington and Queenstown Airports have trusted us with their healthcare needs.
  • Logistics: Mainfreight Logistics and DHL rely on our efficient healthcare solutions.
  • Media and Telecommunications: We have supported Sky Broadcasting and Telecommunications, Vodafone, and Netflix.
  • Sports and Entertainment: Our consultancy services have benefited prestigious names such as the All Blacks Rugby Union Team, Marvel Studios, the England Cricket Board, the British Lions Tour, and Liverpool FC.

These partnerships reflect our dedication to providing top-tier products and services, and we are honoured to support such a distinguished array of clients in achieving their goals.