Lateral Flow Tests

Investing in point-of-care lateral flow tests eliminates the wait times associated with laboratory results, empowering practitioners and clinicians with instant access to critical information. These alternative diagnostics are priced similarly or even more affordably than traditional laboratory analyses and offer a multitude of benefits across various healthcare settings:

  • GPs > one stop clinics where immediate management plans can be formulated
  • ICU/ER/OR > significantly reduce the burden on laboratories, diagnose patients quicker, leading to faster treatment or discharge
  • Private occupational health assessments > reduce required time off work for assessment
  • Prisons > test in house rather than transferring patients
  • GUM clinics > revolutionise result turn around times

Kudu Spectrum offers a selection of lateral flow tests suitable for self-testing, covering a range of diseases including Hepatitis B (HBsAg), Hepatitis C, Syphilis, Malaria, SARS-CoV-2, and an HIV test. Notably, our HIV test is one of only a few with 4th generation capability, incorporating the p24 antigen. This significantly reduces the diagnostic time from exposure to test positivity, with a median of 18 days compared to the standard 90 days. While these tests possess varying levels of certification, strategic selection ensures laboratory-equivalent quality in many cases. Additionally, we can recommend lateral flow tests for healthcare professional use, including Gonorrhoea, Chlamydia, Candida, Trichomonas, and Typhoid. These are ideal for low to middle income countries where minor reductions in accuracy are off-set by the benefits of low cost. In cases of vector-borne disease outbreaks, Kudu also provides tests for conditions such as Chikungunya, Dengue, and Zika.

We can also offer a WHO prequalified, CE certified CD4 count lateral flow 40 minute assay. This can be taught at the first clinic appointment and then given to patients to test themselves prior to the next appointment. Using our CD4 lateral flow offering:
  • Accelerates clinical disease management
  • Reduces patient loss to follow-up
  • Patients can be tested anywhere, anytime
  • Cost effective (no investment in equipment, samples do not need to be transported to a laboratory)
  • Improve patient outcomes
  • Lowers amount spent on ART by ensuring only those who need it receive it
ToRCH is an acronym for a group of infectious diseases that, while infecting pregnant women, may cause birth defects in their newborns. The ToRCH IgG rapid test device is a qualitative, lateral flow immunoassay for the detection of IgG antibodies to Rubella, CMV, Toxo and HSV in serum or plasma specimens and gives results in 10 minutes.
Premature Rupture of Membrane (PROM) is defined as the rupture of membranes (amniotic sac) more than 1 hour before the onset of labour with the occurrence rate being around 6% – 12%. The PROM rapid test package is a 5 minute assay for iGFBP-1 and 10 minute assay for fFN (Foetal Fibronectin) which are both clinically proven markers for preterm birth risks. The quick turnaround time allows for any medical decisions to be taken in good time.

Our full range of lateral flow tests includes:

Infectious Diseases

Tests OfferedSpecimenSensitivitySpecificityAccuracy
Candida AlbicansCervical Swab90.10%98.90%95.70%
Candida Albicans / Trichomonas Vaginalis / Gardnerella VaginalisVaginal SwabLoD comparison detects over 95% of positive cases
Chlamydia Trachomatis Cervical / Urethral Swab/ Male Urine87.20%96.60% 93.40%
GonorrhoeaCervical / Urethral Swab91.40%97.50%95.30%
HBsAg Hepatitis BWhole Blood / Serum / Plasma99.40% 99.50% 99.50%
HCV Hepatitis CWhole Blood / Serum / Plasma> 99%> 99%> 99%
HIV 1&2 + p24 AgWhole Blood / Serum / Plasma99.50% 99.80% 99.80%
HIV (Ab only) / Syphilis / HCV / HBVSagWhole Blood / Serum / PlasmaHIV: 99.5%
Syphilis: 99.54%
HCV: 98.1%
HBsAG: 99.4%
HIV: 99.8%
Syphilis: 100%
HCV: 98.9%
HBsAG: 99.5%
HIV: 99.8%
Syphilis: 99.8%
HCV: 98.9%
HBsAG: 99.5%
HIV Ag/AbWhole Blood / Serum / Plasma100%99.12% 99.56%
SARS-CoV-2Nasal Swab / Nasopharyngeal SwabNasal: 97.25%
Nasopharyngeal: 98.32%
Nasal: 100%
Nasopharyngeal: 99.60%
Nasal: 98.73%
Nasopharyngeal: 99.42%
SyphilisWhole Blood / Serum / Plasma99.54% 100%99.80%
Tuberculosis IgG/IgMWhole Blood / Serum / PlasmaIgG: 87.2%
IgM: 83.5%
IgG: 97.3%
IgM: 98.1%
IgG: 95.6%
IgM: 95.1%

Diarrhoeal Diseases

Tests OfferedSpecimenSensitivitySpecificityAccuracy
Entamoeba / Giardiasis / CryptosporidiumFaecalEntamoeba: 97.7%
Giardiasis: 94.5%
Cryptosporidium: 96.7%
Entamoeba: 99.2%
Giardiasis: 97.6%
Cryptosporidium: 98%
Entamoeba: 99%
Giardiasis: 96.9%
Cryptosporidium: 97.8%
EV71 IgMWhole Blood / Serum / Plasma90%95.20%94.10%
HAV IgG/IgMWhole Blood / Serum / PlasmaIgG: 98.7%
IgM: 95.5%
IgG: 87.1%
IgM: 97.7%
IgG: 97.0%
IgM: 97.0%
Norovirus, Rotavirus, Adenovirus and AstrovirusFaecalAdeno-: 95.2%
Astro-: 97%
Rota-: 97.3%
Noro-: 99.9%
Adeno-: 97.7%
Astro-: 97.2%
Rota-: 97.1%
Noro-: 98.1%
Adeno-: 96.8%
Astro-: 97.1%
Rota-: 97.2%
Noro-: 98.5%
Typhoid (S.Typhi) AntigenSerum / Plasma / Faecal98.70%97.40%98.05%
Typhoid IgG/ IgMSerum / Plasma IgG: 92.7%
IgM: 91.8%
IgG: 98.8%
IgM: 98.7%
IgG: 97.6%
IgM: 97.5%
V. cholerae O1/O139 AgFaecalLOD: 1.105 CFU/ml

Women's Health

Tests OfferedSpecimenSensitivitySpecificityAccuracy
Fetal Fibronectin (fFN)Vaginal Secretion98.10%98.70% 98.40%
iGFBP-1Vaginal Secretion98.10%98%98%
ToRCH: Rubella / CMV / Toxo / HSVSerum/ PlasmaRubella: 95.2%
CMV: 97.3%
Toxo: 95.5%
HSV: 96.2%
Rubella: 93.8%
CMV: 97.7%
Toxo: 97.8%
HSV: 94.1%
Rubella: 94.4%
CMV: 97.4%
Toxo: 97.1%
HSV: 95.0%

Vector Borne Diseases

Tests OfferedSpecimenSensitivitySpecificityAccuracy
Chikungunya IgMWhole Blood / Serum / Plasma96.90% 98.60%98.10%
Dengue NS1Whole Blood / Serum / Plasma95.70%98.30%97.70%
Malaria Pf/PanWhole BloodPf: 100%
Pv: 100%
Pf: 98.7%
Pv: 98.7%
Pf: 98.9%
Pv: 99.0%
Zika IgG/IgM/NS1Whole Blood / Serum / PlasmaIgG: >99.9%
IgM: 94.4%
NS1: 80.0%
IgG: 98.9%
IgM: >99.9%
NS1: 94.0%
IgG: 99.1%
IgM: 99.1%
NS1: 91.7%

Tumour Markers

Tests OfferedSpecimenSensitivitySpecificityAccuracy
Alpha-Fetoprotein (AFP)Whole Blood / Serum / Plasma99.10%98.90%98.90%
Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA)Whole Blood / Serum / Plasma100%96.40% 98%


Tests OfferedSpecimenSensitivitySpecificityAccuracy
CD4Whole Blood89.30%92.30%90.80%