About Us

We are a procurement company specialising in medical equipment and devices. We work in partnership with our clients to deliver the highest quality at the best price.

The Kudu Spectrum Group was founded in 2013 as a healthcare procurement agency. The group has developed into a full medical solutions company run by clinicians working in the UK health system, expanding our initial role to include healthcare consulting work, independent device validation, providing feedback to device manufacturers to improve products and improve their clinical relevance, and bringing novel technologies to market.

We are different from other distributors in that we actively participate with manufacturers to develop new products, validate devices that we feel have not been independently-assessed to our satisfaction and devise medical health solutions for government.

Currently we are working with the governments of Mauritius, Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, the Philippines and Indonesia. We have previously worked on Covid solutions for the New Zealand government, and are particularly interested in the global use of point-of-care testing and laboratory capacity limitations highlighted by the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic, as well as the increased public confidence in point-of-care technology, the cost implications of such tests and the immediacy of the results that enable medical care from a single source.

Kudu Spectrum now has offices in New Zealand, Australia, United Arab Emirates, Egypt, United States, Mauritius and the United Kingdom with a subsidiary in Ghana.

In the UK we have supplied healthcare products for DocTap Ltd, Chanelle McCoy Health and RN Bioservices. In Ireland, we have worked with the Royal College of Physicians of Ireland to provide all testing material for their national antigen test validation scheme. We have also provided antigen testing for Poplar Linens Ltd (a key supplier to the Irish National Health Service).

Dr. Robert Hutchins

End User and manufacturer liaison & effective change

Dr. Carol Ndlovu

Chief Medical Officer

Charlton Ndlovu

Business Development Lead

Nadia Hutchins

Global Head of Products

Sam French

Global Head of Data Analysis

Gareth Jones

Head of Logistics

Sherif Raouf

Scientific Advisor