Haematology Analyser

Haematology analysers play a crucial role in patient care and research environments, offering rapid and accurate blood cell counting and identification for disease detection and monitoring. Often, the complete blood count provided by these analysers is the initial test requested by physicians to assess a patient’s overall health status.

Our haematology analyser is designed for onsite use, making it ideal for various healthcare settings such as general practitioners’ offices, hospitals, clinics, healthcare centers, medical laboratories, and emergency departments. Unlike many other analysers, ours include a differential white cell count and platelet count, providing comprehensive analysis.

One significant advantage of our device is its streamlined operation—no separate cartridges are needed, making tests effectively free once the analyser is purchased, with only minor consumable costs. Adapted for point-of-care scenarios, our analyser delivers laboratory-equivalent performance, providing full blood count results within seconds.

Key Features:

  • Measures a comprehensive 21-parameter point-of-care haematology analysis, including platelet count, WBC, RBC, haemoglobin concentration, and more.
  • Performance Characteristics: Laboratory equivalent, requiring daily quality control, lyser fluid, diluent, and shutdown fluid.
  • Certification: CE certified, NMPA (Chinese FDA) certified, with products sold in over 110 countries and territories.

Choose our haematology analysers for reliable, efficient, and accurate blood cell analysis, backed by international certifications and extensive market presence.