Immunoanalysers are versatile tools capable of conducting a wide array of tests. Multichannel analysers have the ability to measure multiple instances of the same test across different patients or simultaneously conduct various tests on a single patient. These analysers are reusable, making the cost of the device negligible in comparison to the numerous tests they can perform. They are particularly suitable for primary healthcare applications, such as diagnosing diabetes and monitoring treatment effectiveness, as well as identifying pre-diabetes through HbA1c levels in blood.  

HbA1c levels, crucial for diabetes diagnosis and management, can be swiftly measured using point-of-care tests. Utilising readily available and user-friendly immunoanalysers, results can be obtained in as little as 10 seconds. The process is simple: add the sample to the buffer, combine the mixture with a test strip, insert the strip into the device, and await the results.  

For diabetes diagnosis and monitoring, Kudu offers:

  • Immunoanalysers that are available now and are CE marked
  • Both single channel and multi-channel (8) devices available
  • Highly accurate - Linear correlation ≥0.97
Alternatively, for home use, handheld devices can be offered OTC. The handheld device can monitor lipid profile, liver profile, renal profile and cardiac profile as well as offering diabetic monitoring with HbA1c/ Glucose. These immunoanalysers are CE marked and weigh only 256g. Some of the tests available for the immunoanalysers are:
Inflammatory markers – CRP, PCT, ferritin, D dimer, IL-6
Tumour markers – CEA, AFP, tPSA, fPSA
Cardiac markers – cardiac troponin, CK-MB, NT pro-BNP
Thyroid function – TSH, fT4, fT3,
Female Health – HCG, AMH, FSH, LH, prolactin, progestogen
Diabetic check – HbA1C
Gastric test – h. pylori,
Male health – testosterone
Autoimmune disease – Anti-CCP, Rh factor,
Strep infection – ASO
Renal Function – cys C, microalbumin, NGAL, ß2-MG
Allergies – IgE
Vitamin D
Respiratory panel