Expert Procurement Service

We’ll ensure you always get the best service at the right price delivering the highest quality medical equipment at low cost

The very best guidance from our knowledgeable team

Our team of advisors have an unparalleled history of delivering some of the most reliable medical devices in the world. Over one hundred years of combined clinical experience ensure you get the best advice from leaders in the industry.

Friendly and Professional

The optimum approach with your money

We work together with our clients to realise their clinical needs through innovative practice. We collaborate with trusted experts to validate all medical devices in an open and transparent way. Our goal is to draw upon the wealth of experience from the medical specialists (both in house and external) and combine this with the expertise of our world class procurement team to deliver cost-effective solutions that meet your organisation’s purchasing requirements.

Our Mission

Our mission is to work in partnership with our clients to provide an ethically-sound model for delivery of the highest quality medical equipment at a cost-saving to their organisation. Safety, quality, price and delivery combine to provide a distinct advantage in the market place to all of our clients.

Why Choose Kudu Spectrum?

  • Medical Professionals: Led by experienced clinicians
  • Tailored Solutions: We collaborate with manufacturers to develop tests that meet specific clinical needs and provide customised solutions for various regions
  • Thorough Validation: Our internal validation procedures guarantee reliability and precision
  • Comprehensive Oversight: Employing post-market surveillance, including WHO pre-qualification, to uphold product quality and effectiveness